Valley Uprising -This is on you!

We watched a documentary a while back called “Valley Uprising”, about the history of climbing in Yosemite Valley, well I watched it first, then after some consideration because of the infrequent bad language, decided to show it to the kids.( It really is a great film, its still on Netflix here in the UK but I’m sure you can find it on DVD)

Well, obviously, they wanted to try rock climbing. So after some quick internet searching I found a climbing wall on the Island and because of their minimum age requirements only Evan could try it. Well and Dad!

We were hooked and now we try and go out every few weeks weather permitting as it’s a mobile wall they take around events so if the wind gets up we have to come down. It’s a good little wall but we can’t wait to visit the nearest climbing centre on the mainland. Lil turns eight in July so she can join us then. She said last time that she

“can’t wait for my birthday so I can climb with Daddy and Ev”

As a parent I’m delighted to have found something that we can do together where we have the same level of experience, it’s a new thing to all of us, but I do sometimes wonder, if we keep it up, how I might feel in 10 or 15 years about my kids going off to far flung places and climbing those mad walls like we saw in that film. I’m not sure if I’d be overly happy, however, I would definitely be sadĀ if they never tried.


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