Kids Boots

Lets face it, children’s feet grow way to fast. Whether its shoes for school, wellies, trainers (or sneakers) or hiking boots, it sometimes feels like one of them needs new footwear every few weeks. However, we do like their tiny toes to be well shod. It just makes for a happier hike if their feet are dry and comfy.

Not being made of money we have had to find a few bargains to equip the kids with decent hiking boots for our adventures.

Mountain Warehouse Oscar Kids Boots. 015780_lim_kids_oscar_2_kids_boot_ss15_1_l

We picked up 2 pairs of these for our first trip to Snowdonia. They fit nicely and the kids didn’t complain at all so they must have been comfy. As you can imagine, the children outgrew them before they’ve worn out. Lil is now in the bigger of the two pairs and they’re still going well. The only issue we’ve noticed is the laces which won’t stay done up. We switched them for some flat laces which seems to have done the trick. Evan went into a pair of boots from the charity shop but has outgrown those too so we’ll probably get another pair of these.

Gelert Horizon Childrens Boots _86

We couldn’t get a small enough size in the Oscar boot for our youngest, Isaac, but these boots from Gelert were really good. Comfy for him and they kept his feet dry. We swapped the laces for flat ones again but they proved more than suitable for a then 4 year old to climb Snowdon and Cadair Idris on consecutive days. He’s outgrown two pairs of these now so we’re looking around for a different pair now the prices have increased a bit.


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