Notes from the Island 07/02/2017

I just looked at the calendar and realised that Easter is coming soon. In 59 days we’ll be packing the kids onto a train for 8 hours and heading for the West Highland Way. However that means it’s only 11 days until we head out to hike around the Isle of Wight at half term. I’ve been busy lining up the necessary ducks to allow me a week off to do this preparatory trip which should be quite an adventure in itself.

I’m spending the evenings checking out our kit and who needs what before we head out. As you can guess, at least one child needs new boots and another will need some before Easter. We’re going to gamble on the waterproofs we already have but I have been researching some new ones for the kids, while I’m giving a first run out to my new Vaude Hiking Poncho which I’ll report back on after the half term trip. I’ve never used a poncho before for hiking so it will be interesting to see how it performs.

We’ve lost the last couple of weekends to birthday parties and broken bikes. We took a car full of bikes up to the woods for some easy trail riding and quickly discovered that my bike was struggling, a pedal crank keeps working loose and the brakes just don’t want to work, and Evan and Lil have both grown out of theirs. We abandoned that trip out after about 2 hours because the loose crank was throwing my leg out and caused a real pain in my knee.

This weekend just gone, I’d picked up 2 bikes for the kids for only £10 each out of the local paper, fitted new brakes to mine and bodged the pedal and we headed out again. The new bargain bikes didn’t skip a beat and Ev and Lil were really pleased with them. I, however, was not so fortunate. My new brakes worked for about 10 minutes and then failed completely. This was about 8 minutes longer than my bodged pedal lasted so I spent more time with a spanner in my hand than riding which is rather frustrating. I’m now pondering whether to perservere with this bike (which has always been a fixer upper since I found it at the back of my Mother-in-laws garage) or get rid and buy a new one. Money is a bit tight and the Scotland trip is our priority so I expect I’ll get some more parts and keep on trying to fix it. We’re still calling the outing a success though because Isaac manged to ride without stabilizers for the first time.

I’m just writing up a tale of our day on Moel Siabod last August so hopefully that will be on here in the next few days.




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