A Little Pilgramage

Evan and I are heading out next weekend for a little hike to Salisbury Cathedral. It was his idea, sort of. We were already planning to head to the New Forest for a few days hiking and camping just Dad and his first born but after driving through Salisbury last weekend, Ev shouted from the back that the cathedral would be good landmark to hike to.

So here’s the early plan.

Pick up Evan from school on the Friday, get a bus to Yarmouth, then a ferry to Lymington. Hike until nearly dark, throw up the tarp somewhere in the woods, have some tea, sleep.

Saturday. Get up with the birds, hike, hike and hike until the evening and find somewhere quiet to sleep.

Sunday. Hike to Salisbury Cathedral, treat ourselves to some fast food, get the train back to Lymington.

The rough route is about 40 miles. The first half we’ll use a variety of paths, bridleways, roads and woodland rides through the New Forest until Ringwood where we’ll pick up the Avon valley path all the way to Salisbury. If we can do 5 or 6 miles on the Friday evening, and then maybe push on for a long day on saturday we’ll have a nice easy stroll to the train . We’ll look to average 3 mph on the saturday and hopefully hike for at least 8 hours so (with plenty of breaks) we might break the back of it. Hopefully. If not we can bail at Ringwood and get a bus or train back so we have the option to cut the route short if we’re struggling. Wish us Luck


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