Island Adventures

A Learning Experience on the Tennyson Trail - I need to acknowledge that not every hiking trip with 3 kids under the age of 10 is a breeze. So what went wrong and how can we fix it for next time.
Boys Night Out. - A tea-time microadventure on a cold, dark and foggy January evening.
Sea to Summit An Island Adventure - A hike from the sea to the top of the Isle of Wight. Mud, Snow, a radar station, the beach and the devils chimney.
Valley Uprising -This is on you! - I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable with my kids climbing mad walls like we saw in that film, I would, however, be sad if they never tried.
It’s not all Summits and Peaks - Living on an island, probably as far from a UK mountain as you can get, can be problematic when everyday you’re dreaming of high and wild places. Our highest point, St Boniface Down is a mere 241 metres. OK it’s probably more mountainous than Norfolk but you still need a ferry trip and a drive… Continue reading It’s not all Summits and Peaks