Trailing Off.

A Little Pilgramage - A rough plan for a weekend hiking trip with "the boy". 40 Miles to Salisbury Cathedral.
An Urban Hike in Historic Goole. - The term hiking usually conjures up images of rough tracks, high mountains and wilderness. Unfortunately we're not all lucky enough to have that on our doorstep so shouldn't we make use of the resources we have just outside our front door. Pavements.
On the Edge. - Hiking, scrambling, bouldering, camping and a picnic. Just how much can you cram into an afternoon in the Peak District!
Kids Boots - Lets face it, children's feet grow way to fast. Whether its shoes for school, wellies, trainers (or sneakers) or hiking boots, it sometimes feels like one of them needs new footwear every few weeks. However, we do like their tiny toes to be well shod. It just makes for a happier hike if their feet are dry and comfy.
Coleman Cobra 3 - A brief note about our current tent of choice.